Welcome to Triad Horseplay


Yes, we’re still “Under Construction”

    Thanks for your patience while we get our barn built! But it IS getting closer to being done !! Our calendar is making progress – still ALOT to add but check it out! If you don’t see your event listed, there’s a link above to make sure it gets added (Get On the Calendar!) The directory is being developed but the only sure-fire way you’re going to be seen there is to make sure your form is submitted. Use the Directory “Submit New Entry” link above! There are lots of categories to choose from, select as many as fit your service! If you don’t see something, drop an email with suggestions! For Promoters and Venues, you have your own form as well… Add Your Venue! will insure we have the correct contact information for folks looking for a place to hold their events! And last but not least…… this IS an actual magazine, not just a website so if you want the stories delivered to your mailbox quarterly….. Hit the Subscribe! button above so you don’t miss a thing!     IMG_9046