Summer Pony / Farm Camp

July 22, 2019 @ 9:00 am – July 26, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Walker Acres
6525 Schley Rd
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Julia Walker
A day in summer pony camp is hands down the BEST DAY EVER!

…And there are 5 of them!!!

Campers get to groom and ride the incredible ponies that call our farm home. They learn empathy, courage, responsibility, strength, and trust through working with the ponies. Riders get hands on experience that will help them become confident leaders and thoughtful team-mates.

In addition to ponies and the dirty work that goes with them, we GET WET! Water Play is essential at summer camp so bring a change of clothes and a towel because there’s nothing better than running through a sprinkler and getting wet on a hot day OR bathing a dirty pony we decided to finger paint!

This is Pony camp but it’s also the farm. Campers will learn how to feed & water all our beloved animals, collect eggs, handle chicks, and ask their questions. A lucky few may even find a few feathers as keep-sakes!

After lunch, campers will get to make fun one-of-a-king crafts to take home. Often times we reuse items to make something NEW and beautiful.

We will take a hike through the woods and build forts from old sheets and twine. Their imagination is the limit here at Pony Camp. Friends will learn cooperation, team-work, and knot-tying through our free play before pick up.

We will plant our very own sunflower seeds and learn about germination & the importance of water and sunlight! Campers get to bring their special seed home to watch it bloom.

At the end of the day, campers will be dirty, wet, and loaded with new exciting stories to tell mom and dad. T-shirts are available during camp for those that would like to take home a piece of Walker Acres Summer Camp 2019.